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Ready to take your wine or spirits expertise to the next level? Course we offer online include the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Levels 1-4, Wine 101 Foundation course, The American Wine Expert course, Napa Valley Wine Expert, Tim Gaiser's SommDay courses, the Society of Wine Educators CSW program, and a host of other online courses perfect for the sommelier students, wine professional, or wine enthusiast.
Realising the importance of making better, more informed decisions when selecting wines to represent, Daniel graduated from the WSET Level 4 Diploma at the TAFE NSW Sydney Wine Academy, and is now preparing to enter the Institute of Masters of Wine program.

It is our philosophy, and one of the most important foundations of EWA, as reflected in its longer courses, that our wine courses are holistic, that is, it FIRST provides students with a general background into the study of wine (in the form of the ‘Essentials‘ module) and then that general knowledge is applied to a specific field or specialty, e.g. Wine Marketing or Wine Production.
Consequently, EWA offers a wide range of wine courses such as: Introduction to Wine, Essentials of Wine, Wine Tasting, Wine Regions, Sommeliership & Restaurant Management, Wine Marketing & Business, Wine Tourism, Viticulture, Oenology and Wine Production - and all at different academic levels, starting from the 10 lecture ‘Introduction to Wine' to our 120 lecture ‘Associate Degree in Viticulture, Wine Production & Business',all in e-learning version.

Our Wine School offers WSET® Certification courses, in Napa, San Francisco, and Northern California as an Approved Program Provider with the Wine & Spirits Educational Trust in London We also offer continuing wine education classes through our Wine Academy Course and Academy Wine Workshops.
Because we serve students from all parts of the globe, and of different backgrounds and levels of wine knowledge and education, it became obvious to us that we would have to provide a wide choice of wine courses to meet the needs of those students and such a changing wine industry.
Maureen 'Hara at Premier Wine Training has 20 years experience in the wine trade, and her passion for wine has been described as 'infectious.' Whether at a wine tasting course or a 2 hour wine evening event, Maureen's style and knowledge will give you a boost.

Napa Valley Wine Academy is proud to be an approved program provider of the internationally recognized WSET® (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) wine and spirit and Sommelier courses in Santa Barbara, California and across introduction to wine tasting the US. Our Napa Valley headquartered wine and spirit school offers wine and spirit certification courses, and workshops that are ideal for both the wine enthusiast and wine and beverage industry professionals alike.
The ‘Aldi-ploma' claims to be the first supermarket wine course of its kind in the UK which offers price-tag and pressure-free learning” to help consumers learn how to taste wine, help them navigate red and white grape varieties and how to pick their favourite wines by region.

The Wines & Spirits Academy program has been designed for a wide ranging audience - professionals to students to enthusiasts - and will give unique insights. Learn French online and connect to francophone culture. Whether you want to become a certified sommelier or you just want to learn how to properly choose and serve wine at your dinner parties, the IOA Wine Appreciation course is the best way for you to prepare yourself.
Then at a tasting event I had a light bulb moment” A guest said You should do this all the time-you obviously relish sharing your love and knowledge about wine”. All wines are tasted according to WSET requirements as benchmarks samples from around the world.

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